Cat Constipation Symptoms, Home Remedies and Treatment Options

cat constipation symptoms remedies and treatment

Cat constipation is an exceedingly common problem that is prevalent in many cats. There are some of the symptoms that you can identify easily and find the whether the cat has constipation problem. Constipation cannot be called as a disease.

It is actually an underlying problem. For cats, the constipation can be extremely harmful there are some cases of chronic cat constipation that is seen in many cats.

If the chronicity occurs in cats, a condition called megacolon can be caused in cats. This is a condition where colon turns into abnormally dilated form and sometimes enlarged. There might be complete blockage problem that may develop.
The constipation in cats can be noticed by the diagnosis of various symptoms. There are several symptoms that will tell you about the constipation in cat. The chief symptoms that are generally seen in cats are:

Common Cat Constipation Symptoms

The cat constipation symptoms include

  • Straining when eliminating stool.
  • There are the existences of small, dry and hard stools which may be covered in blood or mucous.
  • Loss of appetite is common.
  • Weight lost
  • The cat becomes lethargic.
  • Vomiting can be observed in some cases.
  • Abdominal discomfort is seen.

Cat Constipation Remedies & Treatment Options

There is a cat constipation remedy that can help the cats to recover from the constipation.

  • The use of laxatives can be done for mild constipation.
  • The other things such as the use of stool lubricating products and bulk forming laxatives are possible.
  • The use of some rehydrating products can be employed for the treatment of cat constipation.
  • In case of chronic cat constipation or severe cat constipation, you can call the veterinarian for the diagnosis and treatment of the cat.
  •  In various cases enema is done for the liberation of stools.

After cat constipation treatment, one notable thing that you must take care of is to clean the littering tray every day. This will help your cat get relieved from such problems.