Causes of Constipation

Causes of Constipation

Foods That Cause Constipation In Babies

foods that cause constipation in babies are very hard to determine especially when you just start giving your baby hard food.

Natural Home Remedies For Constipation In Adults

home remedies for constipation in adults

Causes of Constipation in Toddlers and Home Remedies

causes of constipation in toddlers

What Causes Constipation in Women: Different Factors to Consider

what causes constipationConstipation may be caused by several factors and when it comes to deciphering what causes constipation in women, here are a few things to consider that may play a part in this problem. Women who are not getting enough fluids into their system are most likely to suffer from constipation since the body will still contract to pass wastes and without adequate liquid, the stool often ends up drier and harder to pass.

Foods That Cause Constipation, Bloating and Gas

Foods That Cause ConstipationIt is very important to watch your diet not only because you need to keep an eye on your health, but also because there are certain foods that cause constipation. Constipated people will tell you that the sensation is a very uncomfortable one.
Some foods are very nutritious, but if taken excessively, they can cause serious constipation. If you are always constipated, you also run the risk of having hemorrhoids. This is a condition wherein the blood vessels in your rectal area burst, causing irritation and a very painful sensation during bowel movement.