Causes of Constipation in Toddlers and Home Remedies

causes of constipation in toddlers

Being a toddler is one of the most delicate stages in your child’s life. This is one of the monumental stages since they are adapting to the conditions and situations that older kids and adults go through. Physically, mentally, and psychologically, they are adjusting. Physically, their bodies might react differently than expected. This is the reason why decisions in their diet and lifestyle should be done very carefully and must be developed with the help of an expert. One of the most common problems that parents face is constipation in toddlers. In order to remedy this condition, parents should first know what the causes of constipation in toddler are.

Generally, the main cause of toddler constipation is improper diet and extreme changes in it. The following are the common specific causes of constipation in toddlers.

Cow’s milk can actually cause constipation because some kids find it hard to digest. If you are planning to give cow’s milk to your child, it will be better to consult the pediatrician first. Lack of fiber may also cause constipation. Essentially, fiber helps in easy digestion so without it, digestion may not be as smooth. The introduction of solid food may also cause constipation since a child’s digestion is not yet as efficient as adults.

Although improper diet is the main culprit behind constipation in toddlers, internal abnormalities or problems may also bring forth the condition. Thus, you need to take your baby for a visit to the pediatrician if you are in doubt.

There are various home remedies for constipation in toddlers. This includes adding more water to the toddler’s usual diet. You are also required to modify the child’s diet in order to get the right one for him or her. This can be done with the help of a pediatrician.

Remember, determining the causes of constipation in toddlers is generally the most important factor in treating the condition so make sure you know what makes this condition tick and what triggers it