What Causes Constipation in Women: Different Factors to Consider

what causes constipationConstipation may be caused by several factors and when it comes to deciphering what causes constipation in women, here are a few things to consider that may play a part in this problem. Women who are not getting enough fluids into their system are most likely to suffer from constipation since the body will still contract to pass wastes and without adequate liquid, the stool often ends up drier and harder to pass.

Another possible answer on to the cause this is lack of adequate fiber intake. Without fiber in your body, the consistency of your stool becomes harder and drier, making it that more difficult for you to pass especially when it is no longer pliable. This usually results to pain while passing stool, which can be quite troublesome as well if not treated immediately.

Constipation can affect even the youngest member of the family. So if you are asking what causes constipation in babies, here are a few known factors. First one is the sudden change in diet such as introduction of solid foods. A change in milk like switching from mother’s milk to cow’s milk can also cause constipation. As women are prone to constipation so also babies tend to suffer from it also when they do not have adequate liquid intake.

How about what causes constipation in children? In this case, there are other factors that are involved aside from the usual low-fiber diet and lack of appropriate liquid intake. Children often develop constipation when they withhold their stool. This is one of the most common causes in children who refuse to learn potty training, don’t want to use the bathroom in public places or even not missing any game they are playing at the moment.

Why Are Pregnant Women Prone to Constipation

Going back to what causes constipation in women, pregnancy may also be a factor. However, even pregnant women also suffer from constipation and to find out what causes constipation during pregnancy, here are some of the well known reasons as diagnosed by doctors. Your hormones at this stage are wreaking havoc in your body so the food you consumed stays longer in your body so your baby can absorb the nutrients. That is why your bowels take time before being passed from your body.

Another reason why pregnant women are prone to constipation is the growing uterus. This literally put pressure on your bowel that causes it to cramp, which results to constipation since the stool cannot pass at its usual pace. The good thing about this problem is that there are ways for you to alleviate the pain and discomfort so you can have a more relaxed pregnancy free from constipation.

Surprisingly, the factors that are listed on this article are also applicable as answers to what causes constipation in dogs. Dogs are more likely to experience this problem when they lack liquid in their system, plus chewing on indigestible objects that can lodge on their bowels. Lack of proper food can also cause constipation in dogs and just like humans, dogs can also get stressed which in turn can trigger constipation.

Knowing what causes constipation in women can help you determine what the factors that can affect your children or your pets are and possibly find the best solution there is as well.

What Foods Cause Constipation is a tip you must keep in mind when trying to figure out the major causes of not popping.